New safety measures for the season

With COVID and the given situation, we have had to reinvent ourselves in order to ensure your safety.

Apple picking

Apple picking will take place this year, as usual, despite the current situation. The premises will be completely revamped to respect safety measures. There will be a defined path to follow towards the orchards with only one way to go in and one way out. Detailed information will be given on-site. We prioritize payments by card, but cash is still accepted.


Picnic areas

We have decided not to put picnic tables in the orchards this year. However, you can always enjoy apple picking season by bringing your picnic blanket, chairs, etc. We invite you to use the designated picnic areas in the orchards.


Sanitary block

The sanitary block will be open, as usual, and will regularly be disinfected.


Dogs in the orchards

The rule does not change. Dogs are prohibited from entering the orchards but are welcome at the front of the premises where the boutique is found.



We now have 2 boutiques to better serve you. It will be possible to visit only the boutiques without having to wait in line for apple picking.



  1. Playgrounds for children will be open in the orchards, equipped with disinfectant stations.
  2. Animals will be back in the little farm! To ensure safety measures, a sink will be put to your disposition to wash your hands with soap and water.
  3. Tractor rides: because of social distancing, tractor rides will not be available for the time being. The situation can always change.
  4. Carts: cart rental will be available for $3.50 (taxes included). They will be disinfected after each use.
We are safely waiting for you to begin apple picking